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Wholesale Black Boom Bowl
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Wholesale Black Boom Bowl

Can a sound amplifier combine performance and good looks? This one can! The chalkboard black Boom Bowl amplifies sound from your cell phone or MP3 player by more than 15 decibels and the quality is crystal clear. It's portable and you can even write on its chic black chalkboard finish. The Boom Bowl is made from acoustically designed ceramic and is compatible with most cell phones. You simply place your device inside the bowl, and voila, the sound is amplified. You'll be amazed by the incredible difference it makes. Give it a listen! Item Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 4.5". Item Weight: 1 lb. Materials: CERAMIC. Pack Size: 1 EA. UPC Code: 843730064009.

Retail Price:   $11.95

Our Price: $5.35
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Item:  12010643
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Wholesale Folding Table For Laptop Computer: Executive Laptop Workstation
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Wholesale Folding Table For Laptop Computer: Executive Laptop Workstation

Work on your laptop in comfort and style, anywhere you please! Lightweight folding table securely supports your portable computer, with cooling fans, mouse pad, drink holder and pen holder built right in. A must-have for any power user!

11" x 12" x 1" high when folded. Item Dimensions: 22" x 12" x 12.25". Item Weight: 3.6 lb. Materials: PLASTIC. Pack Size: 1 EA. UPC Code: 849179010928.

Retail Price:   $49.95

Our Price: $23.76
(52.4% Off)
Item:  14469
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